Pirate Cove

pirate_cove_sponsorLearn how to dress, talk and fight like a pirate at Pirate Cove in Veterans Memorial Park. Play pirate games like balloon fencing and Jacob’s ladder and practice your hand at archery and knife throwing. Hang-out with the Brethren of the Great Lakes and be amazed at the action-packed stage shows performed by the Ring of Steel Action Theatre.

Down and Out on the Barbary Coast
Four pirates battle it out in a contest of swords, wits, love, and little pirate skullduggery in an attempt to win the biggest treasure trove on the Barbary Coast.
(Friday 12 & 3 pm; Saturday & Sunday 12 pm)

Pirates Noir
It’s the captain’s daughter’s birthday, and she’s a complete nightmare! But when a rival captain plans to steal her away for ransom, a golden opportunity arrives. Now both sides will go to any length to make certain they’re not “in possession” and they’ll resort to all-out battle to do it!
(Friday 1 pm; Saturday & Sunday 2:30 pm)

King Gorbeduck
Come one, come all, and hear the story of King Gorbeduck! Props, enthusiasm, and silliness abound as the narrator and less-than-helpful assistants call on audience members to help retell this tragic tale.
(Friday 11:30 am & 2 pm; Saturday & Sunday 11:30 am)

Whip It Good!
Whip Master Dave presents a daring display of whip tricks—and most of them even work! There are laughs aplenty as tricks grow more and more perilous. Be sure to watch all the way to the end, as his whips have been known to burst into flames. Caution: This show involves lots of loud noises.
(Friday 11 am & 1:30 pm; Saturday & Sunday 11 am & 4 pm)

Sails from the Orient Circus Arts Show
Witness a breathtaking spectacle of beauty and skill as performers take to the stage and to the air in this showcase of circus arts. (Friday 12:30 & 2:30 pm; Saturday & Sunday 12:30 & 2 pm)

A Ring on Fire!
Join us as we light up the stage with a dazzling array of fire implements including fire sword, fire fans, poi, staff, and more.
(Friday 3:30 pm; Saturday & Sunday 4:30 pm)

Scourge of the Sea
Swords and mayhem as rival pirate crews battle amidst a high seas zombie apocalypse.
(Saturday & Sunday 1:15 & 3:15 pm)